Business Advisory Council

Internship at West Chester HospitalThe Mason City School District is an important component in the economic engine that powers the Mason community. As a high-performing school district known throughout Ohio and across the Midwest for academic excellence, the Mason City Schools are a “draw” for both businesses and families. The school district must provide valuable educational excellence in a fiscally responsible manner.

A thriving community depends upon dynamic business enterprises and a high quality educational system. This inter-dependence between the business and educational enterprises can be enhanced by open-ended, regular and straightforward dialogue between business and educational leaders.

The Mason City School District’s Business Advisory Council will provide support and insight to the educational and financial issues that face a high-performing school district.

Members serve as advisors who assist the district in identifying industry trends, as well as ensuring our students are exiting Mason High School with key skill sets to succeed in tomorrow’s employment world. The Council will communicate with the community the school budget process and increase collective understanding of Ohio and Mason’s academic requirements.

The Business Advisory Council will offer insights for students’ career needs and future financial issues that may impact the District. This process may include, but not be limited to:

  • Share information about workplace behaviors and skills needed for students’ success in future careers.
  • Explore opportunities for internships or activities to support student academic experiences.
  • Identify potential academic and financial questions and issues from the community.
  • Review 5-year Budget Plan.
  • Monitor state education funding and pending legislative action.
  • Communicate with the public about academic and finance issues. 

The goals of the Mason City School District Business Advisory Council are to:

  • Foster dynamic on-going communication;
  • Strengthen the relationship between business and education;
  • Share with the community the school budget process;
  • Encourage cost-saving initiatives while maintaining a high standard of educational excellence;
  • Explore ways to increase funding to schools;
  • Enhance the quality of life in Mason.
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