Joint Safety Message from City & MCS

ProtectOn January 22, 2018, Mason Police Officers responded to the area of Hickory Woods Dr. for a reported assault.  Warren County Dispatch advised that a female had been out jogging when a male came up and attacked her from behind.  The female fought off the male and ran to a safe location where she contacted police.  Mason Police, including Police K9, spent Monday night  patrolling the area and continue to investigate this situation.  The female  reported she had been attacked by a masked man who attempted to drag her off of the sidewalk while running a new route near the Mason Early Childhood Center.   This case remains under investigation, and anyone with information is asked to contact the Mason Police at (513) 229-8560
The City of Mason and Mason City Schools are proud of the actions of the victim, and are partnering to remind residents of what they too can do to help protect themselves if ever faced with a similar situation.
Mason P.R.O.T.E.C.T. Self Defense for Women
The City of Mason Police Department offers the P.R.O.T.E.C.T Self-Defense for Women program. PROTECT is an acronym that stands for Personal Response Options and Tactically Effective Counter Techniques.  Free Self Defense Classes are available upon request for individuals or groups.  The City and School District have three classes planned for next week at the Community Center and MECC for anyone interested in attending.  Classes are limited to 30 per class.  For additional information or questions please contact Sgt. Jeremy Saylor at 513-229-8560 or Chrissy Avery, City of Mason Parks and Recreation Director for the City at 513.229-8555.
Tips for Protecting Yourself
1.      Mentally Prepare Yourself.  Have a plan of action. Play the “what if” game.
2.      Always be alert to your surroundings.
3.      Travel in pairs and if you must be me alone make sure someone knows where you are and expected time back.
4.      Wear shoes that are conducive  to running away or avoiding an attack.
5.      Don’t look like a victim.  A person that is easily distracted is a target.  Move with confidence.
6.      Know your strengths and weaknesses.
7.      Don’t be afraid to fight.  Don’t let an attacker try to move you to another location.
8.       Take a self-defense class. Mental and physical rehearsal are a must.
9.      Always, when in doubt trust your instincts and do whatever it takes.

Tips for Protecting Your Child at School Bus Stops - Teach children to watch out for certain situations or actions, rather than certain kinds of individuals. Children are more often abducted or exploited by people who have some type of familiarity with them. So, while the warning to “stay away from strangers” is good advice, it provides limited protection.  
- Work with other parents who have children walk to bus stops and wait in groups. Use “the buddy system” whenever possible. 
- Make sure your child knows to: *Notify a parent before leaving for the bus stop *Tell a parent if he/she feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused about waiting for the bus *Tell the bus driver immediately if he/she is approached while waiting at the bus stop *Move safely away from any vehicle that pulls up to the bus stop *Never accept a ride to school if he/she is waiting at the bus stop

Mason Campus Security Team
Last year as part of efforts to increase safety in the community, Mason City Council authorized the development of a Campus Security Team consisting of full time and part time Police Officers, DARE and School Resource Officers, Firefighters and security personnel.  This past year, the Team has undertaken initiatives to remodel the City’s Emergency Operations Center, reevaluate camera and access systems as well as providing support and increased security at the Community Center and Municipal Campus. As the Campus Security vision continues to evolve the intent is to build on the already strong partnership that exists between the City and the Mason School District to enhance safety and security throughout the schools, business partners and community.
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